Savory Muffins Stuffed With Tuna, Corn and Basil

Savory Muffins Stuffed With Tuna, Corn and Basil

I combined my favorite ingredients in these savory muffins. They are very tasty.

Ingredients: 6 muffins

Canned tuna
1 small can
Corn kernels
About 3 tablespoons
Dried Basil
1.5 teaspoons or as much as you like
Grated parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon
Onions (finely chopped)
1/2, small
Margarine or butter
50 g
20 g
Plain flour
120 g
Baking powder
1 teaspoon
Salt and pepper
a small amount
1 tablespoon
60 ml


1. *Preparation* Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Drain the oil from the tuna.
2. Mix together the margarine, egg and sugar in a bowl.
3. Sift together the flour and baking powder and fold into the mixture.
4. Stir in the milk, mayonnaise and grated cheese.
5. Add the drained tuna, chopped onion, corn, basil, salt and pepper and combine.
6. Pour evenly into 6 muffin cups. Sprinkle melting cheese on top if you like.
7. Bake in the 180ºC oven for about 30 minutes.
8. This is how the muffin looks cut in half. You can add more corn kernels if you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I like to think about the combination of filling for the muffins. I like the idea of muffins with basil ...and I combined with other ingredients that go well with it.