Toaster Oven Roll Cake

Toaster Oven Roll Cake

This recipe is really simple so please feel free to give it a go. I've uploaded a recipe for a plain sponge but feel free to flavor it how you want. It's moist and fluffy.

Ingredients: A 25 x 17~20 cm sponge

Egg yolk
Egg white
White flour
40 g
4 tablespoons
Vegetable oil
1 tablespoon
* For people adding cocoa
1 tablespoon
* For people adding coffee
1 teaspoon coffee granules to 1 tablespoon boiled water
* For people adding tea
1 tablespoon of strong tea and 1 teaspoon teabag leaves


1. Whip the egg whites. Add 2 tablespoons sugar to the egg whites and whip thoroughly until it forms stiff peaks and won't drip when turned upside down.
2. In a separate bowl, add the egg yolks and remaining sugar and whisk until the mixture looks similar to mayonnaise. Once it gains a little foam, add the vegetable oil and mix.
3. Sift the flour into the egg yolk mixture. Add the ingredients marked with * here if you are flavoring your sponge, and stir well until you can't see any more flour.
4. Mix the meringue mixture into the egg yolk mixture. Once mixed, line a baking tray with baking paper. Fold the baking paper into the tray and make sure the baking paper pokes over the edges of the tray a little. Pour the mixture into the tray.
5. Now you just have to bake it. Bake it for 3 - 4 minutes and it will start to turn a golden colour. When this happens cover it with aluminium foil so that it doesn't burn and bake for a further 7 - 10 minutes while keeping an eye on it. When the cooking time is over, pierce it with a skewer to see if it's done. If some mixture is attached when you take the skewer out, it may need a little longer.
6. Peel off the sheet and leave the sponge to cool. The surface of the sponge will become the inside of the roll cake. Cover this side with whipped cream and roll it~ When rolling, it is better to roll it tightly. If you lightly cut some lines into the bottom of the sponge at 1 cm intervals it will be easier to roll.
7. Wrap the roll cake in cling film and tie the sides like a candy wrapper. Leave it in the fridge for about 1 hour for the shape to set. This will also make it easier to cut.
8. If you cut in lines like this into the bottom of the sponge it will be easier to roll.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made the recipe before with pancake mix but wondered if I could make it without it, and the cake was a huge success.
My friends were also waiting for it, they're really happy that they can make roll cakes now too.