For Hinamatsuri (Doll's Festival): A Doll Tier Cake!

For Hinamatsuri (Doll's Festival): A Doll Tier Cake!

This is a pretty tiered cake with hina dolls. Use it for a Hinamatsuri party.


The sponge base
1 18cm cake
1 pack
Chocolate pen
Oranges, yellow peaches etc.
As needed
Heavy cream
As needed


1. Slice the sponge cake in half, and cut the upper half into 1/3. This will make it three tiers.
2. When decorating 5 layers, slice a 21cm sponge cake into 3 slices. Cut the first slice into 1/5 and cut the second into 2/5.
3. Add the sugar to the heavy cream and whip.
4. Cut a v-shape into large-sized strawberries. Draw the faces of the festival dolls on marshmallows, and stick into the strawberries with a pick.
5. Draw faces on 3 small strawberries with heavy cream to make the three court ladies.
6. Spread syrup out on the sponge cake, stack up three tiers high while sandwiching in sliced strawberries and heavy cream, and spread heavy cream around the edges.
7. It's done after decorating with sliced strawberries and oranges.
8. For all of you that added this to your recipe lists with splendid photos, please decorate it cutely.
9. I made this Doll Cake in 2009. I gave the three court ladies a hat by using the strawberry stems. I decorated it with chocolate spray and omikuji chocolate.
10. This is the Doll Festival Cake from 2010 . I decorated it with lots of strawberries and oranges. I stuck in sugar hearts .
11. 2010. Here's a photo of the prince and princess dolls, and the 3 ladies in waiting.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this for my daughter for the Doll Festival. We don't have the right hina dolls in our house, so I made this instead. The dolls are placed to the left and right", and it seems that they are placed to the left around Kyoto (left when facing them).