For Girls' Day: Sakura Mochi-esque Sushi

For Girls' Day: Sakura Mochi-esque Sushi

Anko (red bean paste) is not in the recipe, so it's not sweet.
Enjoy with wasabi and soy sauce.

Ingredients: For 3

1 packet
Sushi rice
about half a bowl
Shiso leaves


1. Mix sushi vinegar (not listed) to the warm rice and let it cool.
2. With a spoon, spread 1/3 of the minced tuna on a sheet of plastic wrap.
3. Gently squeeze the sushi rice into a ball and put it on top of the tune from Step 2.
4. Wrap in plastic wrap.
5. Shape it into a oval ball like sakura mochi (see photo).
6. Gently remove the plastic wrap and wrap each with a shiso leaf.
7. Make the other 2 with the same procedure, and plate as if it's a sweet mochi dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I like sushi and wanted to be creative.