Crunchy-Skinned Chicken Wings on the Grill

Crunchy-Skinned Chicken Wings on the Grill

Since these wings are cooked on a fish grill all of the excess fat will drip away leaving you with a nice crunchy skin.
You can use the excess cooking liquid to make a delicious and simple soup afterwards as well.

Ingredients: 10 wings

Chicken wings - the midsection and the tip
3-4 slices
The green portion of Japanese leeks
to taste
Coarsely ground black pepper
to taste
3 tablespoons


1. Slice the chicken wings fron the joint to the end. Slice the ginger. ※There is more ginger and leek in this picture than you need by the way.
2. Add the water and chicken wings to a deep frying pan and once the water is boiling, throw the water away. ※ Make sure to rinse away any excess scum.
3. Add enough water to submerge the chicken to the frying pan from step 2, along with the cooking sake, leek and ginger. Boil the chicken in this mixture for 15 minutes until cooked through.
4. Take out the chicken wings and season each side with salt and ground pepper. Place the chicken on the grill and grill each side until well browned.
5. You can use the leftover liquid from step 3 to create a delicious and easy soup as well. Simply remove the leek and ginger, add in some grated garlic, salt and pepper, light soy sauce and a beaten egg. Once the egg becomes fluffy it's ready.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a pretty standard recipe in my house.
Cooking these wings on a fish grill helps get rid of fat and leaves behind a crispy skin, which can only be a good thing.