Candied Iyokan Orange Peels

Candied Iyokan Orange Peels

Iyokan oranges are very aromatic, but it's a shame you have to discard the peels after eating the fruit. This is why I decided to make candied peels with them.


Iyokan orange peel
1 kg
500 g
500 ml


1. Rinse the peel well and bring to a boil with plenty of water. Repeat this 3 times. Refer to Recipe ID: 520545.
2. Remove the white pith from the peel with a knife.
3. Put the water and sugar in a saucepan and heat. Add the peels and simmer.
4. After the pot starts to bubble, reduce the heat to low so as not to burn. It boils quickly, so stay attentive.
5. When the peels are translucent, drain in a colander.
6. Roll in granulated sugar and it's done. Store in a jar and freeze for whenever you need them.
7. You don't need to simmer for long. Simmer the peels for a while and let it sit overnight and it'll retain the beautiful colour of the peels.
8. The syrup can be used for making pastry glaze (nappage). Boil the syrup with 1 g of powdered kanten and store in a jar.

Story Behind this Recipe

It is a quite shame to throw away the peels, but you can candy them for an amazing treat!