Easy-Peasy Danish Bread

Easy-Peasy Danish Bread

This is easy and fun, but it is a proper Danish bread. And it is also delicious.

Ingredients: 1 pound cake pan

Bread flour
150 g
Cake flour
50 g
4 g
White sugar
30 g
20 g
140 g
Dry yeast
A little less than a teaspoon
Churned Butter
Recipe ID: 518712


1. Place the ingredients into a bread machine, set on "bread dough course," and press start. Prepare the churned butter.
2. After the dough has finished, stretch it out with a rolling pin, and place the churned butter into the center. Fold the left and right flaps of the dough together, and seal at the center. (You can leave the top and bottom unfolded. This helps to make open space.) Fold the dough three times from the bottom. (This will quadruple the thickness). ↑It has been folded once in the above photo (continue 2 more folds).
3. Turn it 90 degrees, and stretch out the top and bottom of the dough (As in the above photo). Fold three more times just like in Step 2.
4. Turn it 90 degrees, roughly adjust the width, and stretch to about 1.5 times length. (I over-stretched this one; it should be a bit shorter). Cut 2 slits into the dough, creating 3 strands.
5. While facing the cross-section upwards, braid the three strips together. Press the ends together, and face towards the bottom. Put it into the mold, and let it rise for a second time. After it has risen, bake in a preheated oven at 410F/210°C for 10 minutes, reduce to 350F/180°C, and bake for an additional 20~25 minutes. (Please adjust the cooking time according to your oven.)
6. While baking, once the surface starts to burn, cover with aluminum foil.
7. It's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I have made Danish bread while leaving it up to my bread machine's automatic setting, but I had never folded the bread myself, so I thought up the easiest way to go about it, and tried my hand at making Danish bread.