Baked Fish Sausages Wrapped in Okara

Baked Fish Sausages Wrapped in Okara

These are almost like corn dogs! The sausages are wrapped in okara and baked - perfect! They are even more delicious the next day!

Ingredients: Two 12 cm diameter pans

Fresh okara
Fish sausage
■Egg (medium)
About 2 tablespoons
■Honey (or sugar)
1 teaspoon
■Baking powder
1/2 teaspoon
a small amount


1. Slice the fish sausages into 7-8 mm (There will be a bit left over, but you can eat it as-is, or pack it into a bento).
2. In a bowl, combine the okara and the ingredients marked with the ingredients marked ■. Use a spoon to thoroughly mix together. The moistness of the okara will vary, so adjust the amount of milk used accordingly.
3. Lightly coat a pan with a bit of oil, then drop in the dough from Step 2 one heaping tablespoon at a time, spacing them apart in the pan. Lightly press the sausages from step 1 into the dough in the frying pan.
4. Use the back of a spoon to shape them up, as if you're arranging the dough around the sausage. The above photo shows the sausages before adjusting, and the bottom photo shows the sausages after adjusting.
5. Turn on the heat. Cook slowly over medium-high heat on both sides, taking care not to burn the sausages (It takes about 5 minutes for one side). Cook to your liking after flipping them over.
6. Serve with ketchup or mustard to taste, and lots of liquid (to help your digestive system handle the okara)!
7. These taste great even cold! They are very flavorful when eaten the next day . (Make sure to refrigerate any leftovers.)
8. This is a larger version that I made. It was difficult to flip over.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to participate in the okara festival , so I thought this up.