Nagoya-style Fried Chicken Wings

Nagoya-style Fried Chicken Wings

The sweet and spicy taste goes well with rice or sake.

Ingredients: 10 wings

Chicken wings
Seasoning: Salt and pepper
a pinch of each
as needed
Delicious teriyaki garlic sauce
Recipe ID: 517956
* Sesame seeds
to taste
* Black pepper
to taste
* Salt
to taste


1. Heat the teriyaki garlic sauce and mix the * ingredients when the sauce cools.
2. Put small cuts in the surface of the chicken along the bones.
3. Coat the chicken with katakuriko, shake the excess and deep-fry at 180°C.
4. Put the chicken wings in the sauce and coat with the sauce.
5. You may add * at this point.
6. Pour the rest of the sauce over shredded cabbage.
7. Chicken mid-wings are easier to eat than wing tips.
8. Delicious Teriyaki Garlic Sauce Recipe ID: 517956

Story Behind this Recipe

I loved the chicken wings served at a restaurant that specialized in chicken wings. I found another recipe that's similar but I've lost it, so I tried to recreate it.