Simple Anchovy Pasta

Simple Anchovy Pasta

It's a simple pasta with salty anchovies, black pepper and lemon juice. For the secret ingredient, I use a little bit of soy sauce.

Ingredients: 2 Servings

Anchovy (in oil)
4 pieces
Fresh parsley
a handful
Cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
2 teaspoons
Black pepper
as needed
Soy sauce
1 teaspoon
White wine
2 teaspoons
Red chili peppers (sliced into rounds)
1 teaspoon
Salt (for boiling pasta)
as needed


1. Make a cross cut into each tomato. Chop the parsley into small pieces.
2. Chop the anchovy into small pieces.
3. Cut the lemon into wedges.
4. Boil plenty of water, add salt, and cook the pasta.
5. Heat a pan with olive oil. Add the chopped red chili peppers. Cook in low heat until aromatic.
6. Put the pasta, tomato, parsley, anchovy and 2 or 3 ladle spoons of the cooking water into the pan.
7. Season with white wine and black pepper. Finally pour the soy sauce and mix. Turn the heat off. Steps 6 and 7 must be done quick.
8. Sprinkle the rest of parsley, serve with lemon. Squeeze lemon juice before eating.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had left over anchovy and parsley, so I made this pasta for a weekend lunch.