A Tip for Home Shabu-shabu

A Tip for Home Shabu-shabu

This is a tip to reduce the scum when making shabu-shabu at home.
Give it a try!


about 6 slices
Dashi stock or water
as needed


1. Just put the sliced garlic into the normal hot water or dashi stock you use for shabu-shabu.
2. I used over 600 g of water. This is after eating meat without skimming off the scum even once.

Story Behind this Recipe

They used garlic in shabu-shabu at a pork shop where I was working.
Adding garlic slices reduces the amount of scum. You can't really call this a recipe, but I uploaded this because I wanted you to enjoy easy shabu-shabu at home.
I love pork, so I don't cook beef shabu-shabu. I don't know how it affects beef.
I will be happy if somebody tried with beef and lets me know.