I Finally Did It! Batter to Make Springy Crepes

I Finally Did It! Batter to Make Springy Crepes

These crepes are just like professionally-made ones.
They don't tear easily! They turn out great every time.
I definitely recommend making these with bread flour rather than cake or rice flour.

Ingredients: 8 ~ 10 crepes

Bread (strong) flour
110 g
40 g
1/2 teaspoon
300 ml
Brandy (optional)
10 ml
Vanilla oil
a few drops


1. In a bowl, add the flour, sugar, and salt without sifting and mix well.
2. Add the egg and half of the milk. Mix together completely.
3. When finished mixing, it will look like this.
4. Stir in the rest of the milk.
5. Add the brandy and the vanilla oil to taste, and pass the batter through a strainer. If you don't have vanilla oil, you can use vanilla extract. But I recommend oil!
6. It's best if you can let it rest in the refrigerator, but if you're in a rush, it's perfectly fine to make them right away. Before cooking each crepe, lightly stir the batter.
7. Lightly grease a heated frying pan with oil. Lightly pour in some batter while at the same time shaking the pan to spread out the batter and cover the pan's surface. Cook on a low-medium heat.
8. When the batter begins to lightly color, use long chopsticks to lift up just the edge of the crepe and then use your hands to flip it over. Check the state of the batter and adjust the heat accordingly!
9. You only need to cook the reversed side for a few seconds! I use a 26cm frying pan and fill up the ladle 80 to 100% with the batter.
10. Recipe ID: 484754. This recipe produces crepes that don't tear easily, so it's great for making decorative crepes like these.
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Story Behind this Recipe

The crepes from my son's favorite crepe stand are so springy and delicious. I thought I would be able to make them at home. So I tried making them with cake flour, rice flour, with different egg amounts, etc. and had my son taste test them numerous times. Finally my son & I agreed that this is the best!
This is a precious parent and child collaboration recipe.