Super Easy Chocolate in a Spoon

Super Easy Chocolate in a Spoon

It's so easy to clean up! You can make this while watching TV, or even in your room - no need to be in the kitchen. How about making lots for your coworkers or friends?
I've only eyeballed the ingredients.
The amount depends on the size of the spoon,
so make the minimum amount first.
(It's easier to add more later)

Ingredients: 4 to 5 spoonfuls

Approx. 25g (1/3 of a chocolate bar)
2 to 3
Plastic spoons
4 to 5


1. Finely chop the chocolate bar and place in the corner of a plastic bag.
2. Sink in a cup full of boiling water and set it aside for a while.
3. Bring out the spoons! Insert a pen underneath the handle to adjust the curves - it needs to be horizontal when pouring in the chocolate.
4. After the chocolate has completely melted, chop off a tiny piece from the corner of the plastic bag. Squeeze the chocolate onto the spoon.
5. Top with nuts, sprinkles, or dragées, or decorate using white chocolate or chocolate writing pens So cute!
6. Set it aside in a cool place. Wrap it up! I recommend you use simple wrapping paper so that the inside is visible.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make Valentine's Day chocolates with stuff at home.
I was also thinking about making a Valentine's lunch box for my husband, but a chocolate bento?
That's when I came up with secretly switching his chopsticks to these spoons for a pleasant surprise.