Sweet Potato Rice: The Subtle Sweetness Makes Me Happy!

Sweet Potato Rice: The Subtle Sweetness Makes Me Happy!

The salt added to the rice before cooking and the gentle sweetness of the sweet potatoes form a perfect balance in this happiness-inducing rice dish.

Ingredients: 3 rice cooker cups worth

White uncooked rice
3 rice cooker cups - 540 ml
50 ml
As required
1 teaspoon
Japanese sweet potato
1 large (about 300 g)


1. Slice the sweet potato with the skin on into 1.5 cm dice. Put into a bowl of water to get rid of any bitterness.
2. Rinse the rice, put into a rice cooker, and add the sake. Top with water up to the 3-cup line. Add salt and mix lightly.
3. Put the sweet potato pieces on top of the rice, and leave to soak for 30 minutes.
4. Cook the rice as usual.
5. There's no need to add extra water because of the sweet potatoes. Just use the usual amount of water.
6. When the rice finishes cooking, let it steam for a while, then mix lightly.
7. Serve with sesame salt to taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother taught me this recipe, and I adjusted the amounts.