Just 3 Ingredients Adzuki Bean and Kabocha Squash Stewed in Miso (Macrobiotic)

Just 3 Ingredients Adzuki Bean and Kabocha Squash Stewed in Miso (Macrobiotic)

I made a refreshing stewed dish without using sugar. I really love this, so I'm always gobbling it up with a spoon. You can make this in a regular pot. It tastes great with cinnamon.

Ingredients: as much as you'd like

Azuki beans
1 1/4 cup
Kabocha squash (or sweet potatoes)
700 g net weight (about 1/2)
1/2 teaspoon
Raisins or dried apricots
As desired


1. Give the adzuki beans a quick rinse, and let soak for 2 hours or more. Use a bit more water than enough needed to cover it and bring to a boil over a high heat.
2. Reduce the heat to low after it comes to a boil, and boil while adding in more water until it softens. This should take about an hour. Please feel free to watch TV while you do it~.
3. After it softens, add the kabocha squash cut into large chunks on top of the adzuki beans, cover with a lid, and stew for about 20 minutes until the kabocha squash cooks through.
4. Finally add in the salt, turn off the heat, and the preparation is done. I think it tastes good if you let it cool once.
5. I want to make this as soon as the thought strikes and often don't feel like soaking the beans in overnight, but please feel free to do it that way if you prefer. You can boil it in a shorter amount of time if the beans are softer (note added April 2008).

Story Behind this Recipe

You can enjoy this with the natural sweetness of the kabocha squash without the need for sugar. My mother and little sister make this every morning to help with their constipation, so I had them share their recipe with me.