Candied Amanatsu Citrus Peel

Candied Amanatsu Citrus Peel

Make sure you properly remove the pith of the citrus, otherwise you'll have bitter candied peels!

Ingredients: 3 amanatus' worth of peel

Amanastu peel
3 fruits' worth
Granulated sugar
200 g
200 ml
Granulated sugar (for dredging)
as desired


1. Soak the amanatsu peel overnight, changing the water periodically. The following day, squeeze gently with your hands. Then boil, change the water, and boil again for a total of 4 times.
2. Using a spoon, remove the pith from the peel. The peel is very bitter, so be thorough. Try to remove it so that the peel becomes a uniform thickness. Cut to your desired size using kitchen scissors.
3. Dissolve the sugar and water in a pot over a low heat. Add the Step 2 amanatsu peel, and continue to simmer on low. Agitate the pan so that all the surfaces of the peel come in contact with and absorb the syrup.
4. Reduce the syrup so that only a foam remains, as pictured (just before it starts to brown, as when making caramel sauce). The peel should be a rich orange color. Remove from the pan, and arrange on a sheet of parchment paper to cool.
5. Check to see if the peel has cooled completely: if a finger pressed down on the peel remains dry, it's okay. Put the sugar in a tupperware container and dredge the peel. Allow to dry, then store in a jar. Provided you add a silica gel pack (or similar) to the jar, you can store it in the fridge.

Story Behind this Recipe

Amanatsu peels are so pretty, so I thought I'd try making my own candied peel with it. I wasn't too precise cutting up the peel, so this may not be very professional, but I had great fun making it.