Tofu with Imitation Crab and Eggs In Sweet and Sour Ketchup Sauce

Tofu with Imitation Crab and Eggs In Sweet and Sour Ketchup Sauce

It is extremely mild-flavored, so kids will love it! You can also use mapo-tofu, but I think this way is better.


Firm tofu
200 g
Immitation crab sticks (seperated)
2 sticks
2 tablespoons
Vinegar, sake, katakuriko
1/2 tablespoon of each
1/2 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
●Chinese seasoning or chicken soup stock granules
1/2-1 teaspoon
a little (1-2 pinches)
100 ml
Green onions (chopped into small pieces)
to taste


1. Cut the tofu into easy-to-eat portions (about 1.5 cm cubes). Put the cut tofu into a bowl, microwave it to evaporate the water, and wipe off the remaining water with a paper towel. Mix the ingredients marked with ● together.
2. Add oil to a pan (not listed), and fry the tofu. Once the tofu has browned a bit, transfer it to a plate (you can also just warm the tofu up in the microwave instead of frying. However, make sure to remove the water.)
3. Add oil (not listed) to the pan from Step 2 (it's okay if there is a little tofu remaining), add in the beat eggs, and scramble them until they are about halfway cooked. Put them on top of the tofu from Step 2.
4. Add in the mixed ingredients marked with ● into the pan (it's okay if some egg is left) from Step 3, And heat it up while stirring until it thickens. Put this on top of the eggs from Step 3.
5. Edit: When cooking the tofu in step one, frying it up with diagonally-cut white leaks also tastes great. It gives it a nice crunchy texture.
6. It also tastes great on top of rice.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat tofu in a different way than I usually do, so I thought this up. I mixed my favorite ketchup with vinegar, and was able to come up with this mild sweet and sour ketchup sauce.