Warm up with Hot Rum on Cold Days

Warm up with Hot Rum on Cold Days

A warm cocktail you'll want to drink on a cold day.
I made this thinking of a friend who loves rum drinks.


Captain Morgan Rum
40 ml
Hot water
140 ml
Decorative lemon


1. I used Kirin-imported Captain Morgan Golden Rum, with vanilla spice and tropical flavor. I really recommend you use this rum. Then all you need is the clove.
2. Add 40 ml of rum to hot water as you like. The cocktail recipe on the Kirin homepage lists 140 ml of soda, so I went with the same amount of hot water.
3. In the ingredients it's listed as a garnish, but please try squeezing a bit of the lemon into it your drink before serving it.

Story Behind this Recipe

They made me one of these drinks at the bar I sometimes go to.
That's how I came to know about this rum.
I uploaded this recipe for that certain someone's birthday.