Macrobiotic Adzuki Beans & Konbu Seaweed

Macrobiotic Adzuki Beans & Konbu Seaweed

Adzuki beans are great if you have a weak liver. Konbu will also help strengthen your heart. The recipe also has a simple salt flavor, but it's light.

Ingredients: a good amount to keep stored in refrigerator and have on hand

Dried adzuki beans
1 cup
10 cm square
5 cups
About 1 teaspoon


1. Wash the adzuki and then drain the water. With some scissors, cut the konbu into small squares.
2. Combine the water, adzuki beans and konbu into a pot and set it to medium heat. Once it comes to a boil, let it stay like that for about 10 minutes. This is to get rid of the bitterness of the adzuki.
3. After that, cover it with a lid and on a low heat setting, and simmer it till the adzuki and the konbu become soft. You should have to simmer it for about 50 minutes. Once it's soft, season with salt.

Story Behind this Recipe

This macrobiotic recipe is a standard dish in my house. The adzuki aren't that sweet, but it's delicious.