Chocolate and Banana Toasted Sandwich

Chocolate and Banana Toasted Sandwich

All you have to do is sandwich chocolate spread and bananas between slices of bread, then toast it in a frying pan. Both the chocolate and bananas get so sweet and melty.
It's like something you'd get in a cafe, but you can enjoy it at home!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Sliced bread (from an 8 loaf or 10 slice loaf)
2 slices
Chocolate bar
20 g


1. Slice the banana in three lengthwise. Chop up the chocolate and banana suitably sized pieces.
2. Place the chocolate and bananas on a slice of bread. Sandwich with the other slice. If the filling is sticking out of the bread it will burn, so be careful!
3. Melt half the butter in a frying pan. Toast the bread on a very low heat. Press down gently but firmly with a spatula to brown.
4. Flip it over when the butter soaks in and the bread is browned. Take care to hold it with a chopstick or something similar when doing so because it falls apart easily.
5. Add the remaining butter. Press down lightly without letting the melted chocolate seep out. It's done when both sides are nicely browned!
6. Gently transfer the toasted sandwich onto a cutting board. Let it cool down until the chocolate hardens slightly.
7. Slice in whatever way you like. Top with powdered sugar for decoration. Handle with care because the chocolate is likely to seep out.
8. If you have a pressed sandwich maker, toast the bread first and then spread some butter on the outside!

Story Behind this Recipe

I once read about a toasted sandwich with a chocolate bar in the middle.
With that in mind, I also added a banana to make it even more filling, and toasted it in a frying pan.
I guess it's a little fattening, but everyone needs that once a while.