Almond Tofu Using 1 Teaspoon of Kanten

Almond Tofu Using 1 Teaspoon of Kanten

This is so creamy! Scoop and enjoy. Milk avoiders can't resist this even though it has a lot of milk in it. This is my pride! Indulge yourself!


600 ml
Powdered kanten
1 teaspoon
80 g
200 ml
Almond extract
to your liking


1. I didn't know how much kanten I needed, so I bought the bulk pack, but this recipe just uses 1 teaspoon!
2. Bring 200 ml of water to a boil and dissolve the kanten in it completely. You can use a whisk for this.
3. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Stop the heat and add milk and almond extract. If using cold milk, it won't harden right, so warm the milk to body temperature.
4. Pour in your preferred container and chill.

Story Behind this Recipe

I don't make it too often, so that bulk pack of kanten goes a long way! I only using 5 g a time. I tried various amounts and liked this one best. That's because it slides right down.