French Sourdough in the Bread Machine

French Sourdough in the Bread Machine

This is a French sourdough with walnuts and rum-soaked fruit. This loaf has a hard, crunchy crust with a soft and chewy inside.

Ingredients: 1 loaf

Bread flour
180 g
Whole wheat flour
40 g
Rye flour
30 g
5 g
5 g
160 g
Dry yeast
2.5 g
50 g
Dried fruits soaked in rum
50 - 70 g


1. Add all of the ingredients to the bread maker and set it to the dough setting. Start the course and once the dough has finished kneading, switch it off. Take the dough out of the bread maker and mix in the walnuts and rum-soaked fruit.
2. Prove until the dough doubled in size. Once proven, punch it down to get rid of any excess gas and roll it into a neat ball. Leave to rest for 10 - 15 minutes.
3. Roll the dough out into an oval shape.
4. Fold the two long sides over the bread towards the middle.
5. Fold in half lengthways and firmly close up any seams. Put the dough seam-down on a baking tray and leave to prove for a second time.
6. After this second proofing, use a tea strainer to sprinkle some bread flour over the top of the dough and score it 4 times. Spray with water and bake in an oven preheated to 220°C for 22 minutes. The outside of the bread may burn easily so if it looks like it is browning too much, cover it with aluminium foil whilst baking.
7. Here it is when baked. I kind of burned it a little, but that's the way I like it.
8. You can use this recipe to make 2 small loaves as well.
9. Here I tried making a loaf with no filling. I proved it for a second time in a banneton (a bread rising mould) and dusted with rye flour. It made a really soft loaf that's great for making sandwiches.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use up the rum-soaked fruits that I bought for Christmas.