All-Purpose! Chicken Tenders Steamed in the Microwave

All-Purpose! Chicken Tenders Steamed in the Microwave

You can make these steamed chicken tenders easily with the microwave. These come in handy as you can use them for various dishes.


Chicken tenders
4 (400 g)
Japanese leek (the green section)
5 g
Ginger (sliced to 1 mm thick)
4 slices
Cooking sake
2 tablespoons
Salt and pepper
a small amount
★Another Option
Grated ginger, (tubed) sake
as needed


1. Step 1: Line the tenders on a heat resistant plate and sprinkle on cooking sake. Step 2: Rub salt and pepper into the tenders. Step 3: Add sliced and halved ginger slices and thinly sliced leek on top of the tenders.
2. Step 4: Cover with cling film, microwave for 2 minutes (700 W). Turn the tenders over and microwave for a further minute. Step 5: Take it out from the microwave, and without removing the cling film, allow the tenders to cook through in residual heat.
3. Step 6: Once they have cooled down a little, they are done! If you don't use them straight away, wrap each tender with cling film as shown in the photo. Put them in a ziplock bag and freeze. This comes in handy as you can use them for various kinds of dishes.
4. Another Option: Steps 1-3 are "the proper way" to prepare these tenders. When you are short on time, just spread the tubed ginger onto the tenders and sprinkle on sake. By doing so, you can remove the odor from the chicken.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I like chicken tenders, so I came up with this recipe to prepare steamed tenders easily.