Easy Chocolate Snowballs

Easy Chocolate Snowballs

For these simple snowballs, just mix, shape, and bake. They are crisp and crumbly and delicious. I was always bothered by the floury feel but finally made something I'm satisfied with. My friends, family, siblings, everyone loves these. They disappear in no time.

Ingredients: About 50 balls.

Cocoa powder
30 g
Butter (Margarine)
200 g
White flour
220 g
60 g
Powdered Sugar
To Taste


1. Bring the butter to room temperature and lightly stir.
2. Mix in the sugar until the it becomes incorporated into the butter.
3. Sift the cocoa powder and the flour into the mixture from Step 2 and mix together. Mix until no longer floury.
4. After mixing, it will look like this. You might think it's too soft, but it's completely fine like this. Next is, just to form into appropriate sized balls. I rounded them to be about the size of my thumb.
5. Bake for 15-20 minutes in an oven preheated to 170°C - 180°C.
6. Once they have finished baking, let them cool. They soft just after baking and can break easily so be careful. They are harder after cooling than right after baking.
7. Next, put some powdered sugar into a plastic bag. Place the cooled off cookies in the bag and shake so that they are covered in the powdered sugar. They're done. They're crisp and the cocoa powder is so rich that you'll be surprised there's not actual chocolate in them. They are so tasty.
8. For those who prefer harder cookies, increase the amount of cocoa powder by 10 g and the amount of flour by 10~20 g. They finish as a perfect circle. I formed the balls after chilling them.

Story Behind this Recipe

My sister gave me a recipe where they were quite floury. They tasted good but the floury feeling bothered me, so after some trial and error I finally came up with this.
My sister is also satisfied with this taste. When I distribute these cookies with tea to relatives, they disappear in no time.
Since everybody always asks if I bought these, I decided to post the recipe here. Please try them.