Danish Pastries

Danish Pastries

A cross between a choux pastry and danish.

Ingredients: 6 danish

Danish bread dough
Recipe ID: 350646
Custard Cream
To Taste
Heavy cream
To Taste
Powdered sugar
As Needed


1. Prepare Recipe ID: 350646 until Step 10. Then roll out the dough into a rectangle (about 30 x 40 cm), and roll it up. Coat the end seam of the roll with water and close it tightly!!
2. Slice the dough into round slices and place into the baking pan that you will be using. (If you don't have a pan, I think it'll be fine to substitute with aluminum foil). Let the dough rise for 60 minutes at room temperature.
3. While waiting for the dough to rise, make the custard and cream filling. Prepare what you need for both!!
4. The dough will be finished when they rise as shown in the picture. Coat with egg to create a glaze and bake for 10 minutes at 220℃ and then 5 minutes at 200℃.
5. Once cooled, cut in half and squeeze in the custard and heavy cream filling. Dust with powdered sugar and they're finished.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought that it would be awesome to have a cream puff that was also like a danish. They're even flakier than danishes and have a rich buttery taste.