Miniature Donut Shaped Cookies

Miniature Donut Shaped Cookies

Cut cookie dough into little donut shaped circles, and decorate like tiny little donuts. They are just 2 cm in diameter. With just a little cookie dough, you can make tons of colorful and cute donut shaped cookies. These are great as gifts.


Cookie dough
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Melted chocolate or a chocolate decorating pen
as needed
Chocolate sprinkles
as needed
as needed


1. Roll the cookie dough out to 3mm thickness. Cut out small circles using an icing tip, and cut the middles out too to make little donut shapes.
2. Bake for about 10 minutes in a 180°C oven. The baking time will differ depending on your oven. The cookies are tiny and burn easily, so be careful.
3. Let the cookies cool thoroughly. Decorate them with chocolate in a piping bag in a zigzag pattern. If you don't have chocolate, use powdered sugar to making icing. Make it a bit stiff, put it in a piping bag, and decorate the cookies.
4. Chocolate will have a sheen when it has hardened, but icing dries to a matte finish. The photo here shows some iced cookies before the icing has dried.
5. Sprinkle them with colorful sugar or chocolate sprinkles before the chocolate or icing dries. Chocolate hardens right away, but be sure to let icing dry and harden thoroughly. Wrap and pack the cookies in small boxes - so cute.
6. I made this cookie using the cocoa version of the cookie dough. I used icing and 5-colored donuts to make an Olympics sign.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use up a little bit of leftover cookie dough in a cute way, so I cut them out into donut shapes. Then I just coated them with chocolate or icing, and added some sprinkles. That's it really, but when I showed them to my friends saying "I made donuts with cookie dough" they were a big hit. They're tiny, sweet and cute cookie-donuts. You can eat a lot of these and it's ok!?