Yuzu Inarizushi

Yuzu Inarizushi

Delicious inarizushi with the fragrance of yuzu!

Ingredients: 8

4 sheets
✿Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
3 tablespoons
3 tablespoons
100 ml
✿ Yuzu jam
1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon (as you like)
For the sushi rice:
3 bowls' worth
White sesame seeds
3 tablespoons


1. Put all the ingredients marked ✿ into a pan, add the abura-age and simmer for 5 minutes over medium heat.
2. Mix the sesame seeds into the rice.
3. When the abura-age has cooled, fill the pouches with rice and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw yuzu inari in a shop, but they stopped selling it before I could buy it. I really wanted to try it, so I imagined what it would taste like and came up with this.