Cured Mackerel Maki Sushi

Cured Mackerel Maki Sushi

I made a futomaki 'fat sushi rolls' with cured mackerel. It's irresistible for mackerel lovers.

Ingredients: Makes 1 futomaki

Cured mackerel
1 cut
Nori seaweed
1 whole sheet
Green shiso leaves
Sushi rice
1/2 rice cooker cup worth


1. Even out the thickness of the mackerel by trimming the thickest parts. Slice the bottom belly section so the fillet is almost uniform in width.
2. Lightly roast the nori seaweed, spread on a thin layer of sushi rice, top it with 2 shiso leaves, then the mackerel (wrap the sliced off piece around the tail end).
3. Roll it up from the end.
4. Let it sit until the contents settle.
5. Slice into pieces with a dampened knife.
6. If you get your hands on some fresh mackerel, you can be fancy and make two types: pressed mackerel sushi and rolled sushi.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since my kids don't like eating 'battera' (pressed mackerel sushi), I made nori-maki rolls with the mackerel. It's easier for the kids to handle than fish-topped sushi.