A Special Tamagoyaki with Scallops and Crabsticks

A Special Tamagoyaki with Scallops and Crabsticks

This is really delicious . It looks great, and my kids love the flavor. This is a Chinese-flavored tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) simply seasoned with salt and pepper. It's packed with big scallop morsels!


Boiled scallops (seasoned with 1 tablespoon sake+1/4 teaspoon salt)
About 4~5 large
Imitation crab (finely shredded)
About 5 sticks
Spinach (cut into about 5cm pieces)
1/4 bundle
1 tablespoon
☆Chinese soup stock
1 teaspoon
☆Salt and pepper
About 5 shakes


1. If the scallops are baby scallops, leave them as-is, if they are large scallops, then cut into fourths, and season. Mix the ☆ ingredients together.
2. Add butter to a non-stick pan, saute the scallops, imitation crab, and spinach, add the ☆ egg mixture after it has cooked through, cover with a lid, and cook until well-done over a low heat for 5~10 minutes, and it is done once both sides harden.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had some large scallops which were near their best-by date! I thought of this using what was in the fridge. This is a combination of delicious things . There is no way it can taste bad!