Toshichin-mama's Milk Yokan Jello

Toshichin-mama's Milk Yokan Jello

At my husband's parent's house, they make milk yokan (jelly) for New Years. It's a really simple recipe, but it's a profoundly delicious masterpiece. It's very easy to make, so please give it a try for everyday snacks too. I've added amounts for 2 individual pudding molds.

Ingredients: 6 servings (or 2 pudding molds)

Powdered kanten
8 g
1000 ml
Sugar or powdered sugar
100 to 200 g
★For 2 individual pudding molds
See below
3 g
250 ml
Sugar or powdered sugar
15 to 25 g


1. Pour milk in a pan. Sprinkle powdered agar evenly so that it doesn't form lumps. Mix the milk and kanten together quickly, then turn on the heat and set to medium. Continue stirring, and when the kanten has dissolved, add sugar. Mix up from the bottom with a spatula so that it doesn't burn, and heat until it comes to a boil.
2. Pour into a mold. When it has cooled down, refrigerate. It's done when it has set!
3. I added amounts for 2 individual serving pudding molds. If you use agar-agar, which is a type of kanten, it will have a wobbly smooth texture, which is suitable for situations where you pour the jelly into molds. It tastes better with less sugar in this case.
4. The jelly is delicious served on its own, but it's also great topped with seasonal fruit or fruit sauce. It's a very simple jelly, so users are reporting with all kinds of variations.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother-in-law taught me this recipe, which is made as part of the New Year's feast.