Simple Chestnut Kinton with 2 Ingredients

Simple Chestnut Kinton with 2 Ingredients

For this year's new year's feast, we made homemade nishime kinton and datemaki.

The kinton is made only with kintoki potatoes and candied chestnuts, so it is refreshingly delicious, and children love it as well.

After making this, you won't be able to bring yourself to buy expensive store-bought kinton.


Sweet potatoes (kintoki potatoes)
1 piece about 490 g
Sweet chestnuts in syrup
1 small can (about 200 g)


1. These are the ingredients. There's no need to use any sugar or mirin.
2. Cut the kintoki potatoes into 1cm thick rounds, and thickly peel the skins along the yellow line of the flesh.
3. This is how they should look like after peeling. Use the leftover skin to make tempura kinpira. The potatoes should now weight about 300 g (approximate is fine).
4. Submerge the potato rounds in water and boil over medium heat until the water evaporates and the potatoes start to crack. Make sure not to burn them.
5. After they have softened, strain, mash with a pestle, and stir with a rubber spatula until smooth.
6. Although it takes time and effort, strain it through a fine sieve while it is still hot. You could also use a regular sieve, if you don't have a fine one. Use a rubber spatula to strain it into a fine paste.
7. Place the candied chestnuts directly into the syrup, and gently stir so as not to crush them. Oh...and adding the syrup from the chestnuts first will help prevent the chestnuts from becoming crushed. Once the syrup is well incorporated and the paste is shiny, it is done.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the kinton that my mother would make every year. She used the syrup from candied chestnuts and a lot of sugar, but since it tastes good without the sugar, with just the sweetness of the syrup, this is how I have always made it. It is easy to make, so it is a recipe that you will want to add to your regular regimen.