Original Orange & Vodka Cocktail

Original Orange & Vodka Cocktail

I want to show everyone a simple cocktail that I make at home This is a "long-cocktail" recipe that comes in a tall glass. It has a refreshing, citrusy flavor that's incredibly easy to drink.

Ingredients: 1 glass

Orange juice
2/3 of a tall glass
60 ml
Blue curacao
45 ml
6-7 cubes


1. Preparation Prepare a tall glass. To make the crushed ice, find a spoon with a very long handle.
2. Add the vodka, then the orange juice to the glass and stir with a stir stick or long spoon.
3. Make the crushed ice Hold the ice in your left and and the handle of a long spoon in your right. Use the back of the spoon to crush the ice. Try hitting it gently twice and then hard on the third strike.
4. Add lots of crushed ice to the top of the glass.
5. Insert the long spoon or stir stick into the glass so that it reaches the bottom and pour the blue curacao down it to the bottom of the glass to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

For a few years I was working a part-time job where I was basically a fake bar tender. My boyfriend asked me for a cool-looking and great-tasting cocktail so I came up with this whilst talking to him about what we had available to use in our fridge.