White Miso Dengaku Miso Sauce

White Miso Dengaku Miso Sauce

This is a very attractive looking dengaku miso sauce, so it can be used in anything. It's made easily in the microwave.


White (shiro) miso
100 g
40 g
40 ml
1 tablespoon


1. Mix all the ingredients together.
2. Microwave for one minute (at 550 W). The edge of the combined miso sauce will have thickened a bit.
3. Mix the miso sauce well, and microwave for a minute each twice, and 30 seconds each 4 times, mixing each time. When it has thickened about this much it's done.
4. Since first submitting this recipe I've bought a new microwave, which is 700 W. With this one I microwave for 1 minute each twice, and 30 seconds each 2 to 3 times.
5. Please cook (microwave) the miso sauce until it's your desired consistency for whatever dish you're using it in. It gets a bit stiffer when cooled, so you can stop cooking it when it's still a bit loose.
6. I used it on kiritanpo (rice dumpling on a stick).
7. I added ground sesame seeds and used it on tofu dengaku.
8. It's also perfect in Myacchu-san's "Easy and Yummy Sweet Onion and Cheese Dengaku" Recipe ID: 573990. It matches perfectly with the onion and cheese.
9. It can also be used with Recipe ID: 477120 "Pressure Cooked Furofuki Daikon Radish".

Story Behind this Recipe

I don't use red miso much, so I make dengaku miso sauce with white miso (dengaku miso is often made with red miso). The color is gentle, and I love this sauce.