Furofuki Daikon by Pressure Cooker

Furofuki Daikon by Pressure Cooker

The daikon can be cooked quickly by a pressure cooker. Pour the grated ginger as you like. Then the dish becomes like Tsugaru Oden.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Daikon radish
4 cm
360 ml
20 ml
20 ml
1/2 teaspoon
Dengaku miso
Recipe ID: 478542
Grated ginger
as you like


1. Put the daikon and other ingredients into a pressure cooker. In the photo, I am putting a steamer on the daikon to cook salmon, but daikon alone is fine.
2. Cook under pressure for 5 minutes, and stop the heat and leave until the pressure drops. Pour the dengaku miso. Season with grated ginger or sesame seeds if you like.
3. Note: 4 minutes is also fine, and the daikon will be tender. These days, I cook under pressure for 4 minutes. If you prefer harder daikon, then cook for 3 minutes, up to you.

Story Behind this Recipe

A pressure cooker is a great use for Furofuki Daikon. It reduces the cooking time, so you can also make another dish at the same time!