Macrobiotic Fried Usu-age with Taro Potato

Macrobiotic Fried Usu-age with Taro Potato

This is a macrobiotic fried usu-age recipe that is a bit dressed up. I added tasty taro root potatoes inside crispy usu-age. I love eating this topped with lots of exquisite Japanese-style an sauce.

Ingredients: 5 servings

Usuage (for inari sushi)
10 slices
Satoimo (taro)
8 (About 500 g net weight with skins)
Green onions or scallions
15 cm
Your choice of vegetables
as needed
(A) Soy sauce
1 teaspoon
A. Salt
1/3 teaspoon


1. Wash the taro potatoes clean, place in a pot, add enough water to cover them, and turn on the heat. Boil until the taro potatoes become soft, drain the water, and peel. (They will be hot, so be careful bit to burn yourself. It is good to do this while wrapping them in a clean cloth).
2. Finely chop the scallions. Also prepare any other vegetables of your choice. I used minced daikon radish leaves this time.
3. Mash the taro potatoes, and add in the "A" seasoning. Open up the usu-age, and pack in the potatoes.
4. Cook the usu-age in a heated frying pan until golden brown. (You generally don't need to use oil).
5. Cut into desired sizes. I love to eat this topped with Japanese-style an sauce, but it also tastes really good with ginger and soy sauce. Enjoy it with whatever you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a recipe I found in a macrobiotic recipe book that I was looking at the other day. (I forgot the name). I arranged it to make it simpler. It may also be tasty if you add hijiki seaweed or boiled soy beans. (This would make it even more macrobiotic).