Flaky and Beautiful All-Purpose Kneaded Pie Crust

Flaky and Beautiful All-Purpose Kneaded Pie Crust

As expected, homemade pie crust is delicious. It's troublesome, but the beautiful result is worth the effort! This pie crust is easy to make, so before you know it, it'll be ready.

Ingredients: 23 cm or 19 cm country style pie crust

Japanese strong flour
100 g
Japanese cake flour
70 g
Salted butter
100 g
Chilled water
70 ml


1. Sift together the strong flour and cake flour, then mix together with well chilled, 1 cm cubes of butter in a large bowl. Do this by using your fingertips or scraper, but try not to melt the butter too much. In the summertime, cut the pieces smaller and perform this step while chilling the bowl.
2. Stop mixing after the butter is broken down and crumbly. Make a well in the middle, gradually pour the chilled water and fold in. In the summer, use ice water.
3. After adding the chilled water, use the palms of your hands to roll the dough into a ball. Do not knead the dough, and do not be concerned if it's not smooth--that will come later. It should not have an even texture at this point, and the dough should appear slightly dry. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
4. Roll out the dough until about half the height of the dough ball. If it gets sticky, dust on some flour. You should still see streaks of butter in the dough at this point, as in the second photo. As you repeat the process of rolling and folding, the butter will blend and create layers and become flaky after baking the pie.
5. Fold the rolled out dough into thirds, turn it over, rotate it 90°, and then roll it out again. Repeat this process several times. I repeat this 3 times. Wrap in plastic wrap, then return it to the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
6. Preheat the oven to 220℃. Roll the dough out to a size larger than your pie dish, then line the pie dish with the dough. If time allows, it's best to let it rest for 30 minutes after this step. If you are using a metal pie dish, rub with butter, then coat with strong flour.
7. Pierce the dough in several locations with a fork to ventilate, cover with parchment paper, then fill with baking stones. Bake for 15 minutes at 220℃.
8. Remove the baking stones, then bake the bottom. Cover the edges with aluminum foil to prevent over baking. Bake for about 7 minutes at 220℃.
9. The pie shell is done. Depending on the filling, pierce the base of the pie shell with a fork. To make a country style pie, weave a layer of pie dough cut into 1 cm strips and lay it on top of the filling like a lattice. Press down on the ends of the strips with the back of a fork, and brush on an egg wash. A ratio of more egg yolk than egg white will give a nice shiny finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used a dough cutter to cut the butter into the flour when I made this, I wanted concentrate on making this.