Strawberry Buttercream Cake

Strawberry Buttercream Cake

I remembered the cake that I used to eat for Christmas when I was a child. It's a Christmas cake with lots of strawberries that brings back memories.

Ingredients: 18 cm cake

Buttercream (Recipe ID: 290695)
As needed
1 (18 cm round)
1/2 pack
Apricot jam
As needed
Silver dragees
As needed
Holly (For decoration)
As needed


1. Make 3 times the amount of buttercream (Recipe ID: 290695). Increase the amount according to the amount of decorations.
2. Slice the sponge in half to make 2 layers. Spread apricot jam on the bottom half and cover completely with sliced strawberries.
3. Spread buttercream on the top spongecake layer. Put the top layer on the bottom, buttercream side down.
4. Spread buttercream all over the cake and squeeze buttercream around the edges. Decorate with silver dragees. Add strawberries and holly for decoration, and it's done.
5. Remove the holly and it becomes a birthday cake.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a simple Christmas cake made with buttercream. I didn't really like it when I was a child, but now for some reason, I crave it.