Cream Cheese for Christmas Petit Four

Cream Cheese for Christmas Petit Four

Using lots green tea and cocoa powder to make a crunchy dough, I topped it with cream made from cream cheese and white chocolate. It is crunchy right after baking, and softens a bit as time passes. If you stack it up in the shape of a tree, then it is perfect for a Christmas party.

Ingredients: About 10 trees

*Philadelphia cream cheese
100 g
*White Chocolate
60 g
(*Heavy Cream
2 tablespoons)
●Unsalted butter
120 g
70 g
1 medium
A. White flour
115 g
A. Matcha
2 teaspoons
B. White flour
105 g
B. Cocoa powder
15 g


1. Return the Philadelphia cream cheese to room temperature. Do the same with the butter. Mix the A and B ingredients respectively and sift separately in two different bowls.
2. Mix the room temperature butter with an egg beater until it becomes white and creamy, add in the sugar, and grind it in while mixing. Add in the whisked egg a bit at a time and stir.
3. Divide step 2 into two equal portions, and transfer half of it to another bowl.
4. Add A to one bowl of the egg and butter mixture, and roughly mix together with a rubber spatula.
5. Add B to another bowl of the egg and butter, and roughly mix together with a rubber spatula.
6. Wrap it up in plastic wrap once it all accumulates, and let sit in the fridge for an hour.
7. Use 3 different sized cookie cutters to cut out shapes, and bake in an oven at 170°C for 15~20 minutes. Place on a rack and let cool thoroughly.
8. Lightly spread with the room temperature Philadelphia cream cheese, and add in the white chocolate melted in a hot water bath a bit at a time, and knead it together while stirring. If you want to make the cream light, then add in the heavy cream at this point and stir.
9. Place step 8 into a pastry bag (it is easy if you use a cup etc.)
10. Squeeze the cream on top of the golden brown star shapes. Squeeze a flat circle out onto the large and medium ones, and squeeze a dollop out on top of the small one.
11. Stack the together to make a tree.
12. These are cute enough with a bit if cream squeezed on them without stacking.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought up a cheesecake that doesn't need to be chilled in the fridge. White chocolate hardens at room temperature, so the cream will hold without melting. The taste of the cheese and its saltiness go perfectly with the white chocolate. If you're not planning to eat them on the same day, I think it is a good idea to mix it in 2 tablespoons heavy cream to prevent the cream from hardening.
I made both a Chocolate Version and a Green Tea (Matcha) version. The picture shows the Green Tea version. It's okay to make just one if you don't feel like making both.