Smoked Salmon Roses Flower Field Chirashi-zushi

Smoked Salmon Roses Flower Field Chirashi-zushi

This is chirashi sushi using Nagatanien's Sushi-Taro (sushi mix) . It is easy using store-bought items.

Ingredients: about 10 servings

Nagatanien Sushi-Taro sushi mix
2 packages
Smoked salmon
1 package
White rice
5 rice cooker cups
Snow peas
5-6 pods
as needed
Sliced carrots
5 slices
to taste
18 cm mold


1. Cook the rice as normal, and mix in the Sushi-taro to make the sushi rice.
2. 1) Sweeten the eggs, cook, and crumble in the pan. 2) Microwave the snow peas for about 2 minutes, and cut into thin strips. 3) Boil the carrots in sugar water to sweeten.
3. Place the sushi rice into an 18 cm sushi mold. Arrange the snow peas into the center as eye-catching leaves.
4. Place the smoked salmon onto a plate, and wrap it up from the center into a rose shape.
5. Decorate beautifully, and it is done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this to bring to a party. I used store-bought items, so I was able to make this quickly. It is a good idea to make the roses on top of a plate.