Rice Flour Chewy Crepes

Rice Flour Chewy Crepes

These are chewier than if just made with white flour.
This time, I made a Mille Crêpe cake The crepes don't tear easily, so cooking and wrapping is easy. The dough isn't sweet so it works as a dessert and as a meal.

Ingredients: 1 bowl of milk crepes, 18 cm diameter

White flour
50 g
Rice flour
50 g
250 ml
a pinch


1. Combine the dry ingredients. Add the salt, egg, and half the milk and mix. Once smooth without lumps, add the remaining milk. Let sit for about 15 minutes before cooking.
2. Apply a thin coating of vegetable oil to a Teflon frying pan. Pour the batter into the pan in a circle (1 ladle worth will make about a 20 cm crepe). Cook on low-medium heat.
3. Once the sides have cooked (they'll start to elevate a bit) flip over and cook the other side (won't even take 30 seconds).
4. I made a Mille Crêpe cake this time. For the center, the bottom fourth has a chocolate chestnut creme filling (half chocolate and chestnut creme). For the remaining 3/4, I used a 2:3 ratio of heavy cream and custard cream.

Story Behind this Recipe

I bought rice flour, so I decided to try making my usual crepes with half white flour and half rice flour. It became harder to tear and was easier to cook. My husband really liked the chewy texture, so I decided to post the recipe here.