Kamaboko Roses for a New Year's Bento

Kamaboko Roses for a New Year's Bento

How about making attractive flower decorations for your bento?


Kamaboko (red)
2 slices (2 mm)
Kamaboko (white)
1 slice (1 cm)
Green beans
for garnish


1. Place the the 2 mm thick slices of kamaboko so that they overlap, and roll them up from one end.
2. Cut a slit in the center of the white kamaboko, cutting all the way through.
3. Press the rolled-up, red kamaboko into the slit of the white kamaboko.
4. Boil briefly. Cut a green bean on a very thin diagonal and arrange the slices to look like leaves.

Story Behind this Recipe

The other day, I had an opportunity to make a bento, and I thought I'd try making these kamaboko flowers. Because these don't need to be secured with a toothpick, they are safe for children's bento boxes.