Strawberry Dough for Cute Strawberry Milk Bread

Strawberry Dough for Cute Strawberry Milk Bread

This is a recipe to make homemade strawberry dough. It's currently sold out or out of stock on the internet. It's a cute pink color that's great for Christmas or Valentine's Day! It's a sheet that folds into the bread. Use your favorite bread dough recipe. (In the picture, the pink is hard to see, but it's meant to be a Sakura Cherry Blossom design)

Ingredients: 1 bundt cake mold

■Bread (strong) flour
15 g
5 g
20 g
●Condensed Milk
20 g
30 ml
●Monan strawberry syrup
10 ml
5 g
User your preferred bread dough recipe for a fluffy loaf
(↑ Please just change the water to 70% of the usual amount)
change the water to 70%


1. This time I used the brand Monan Syrup for the pink color and strawberry base. It sells for 250 yen for 50 ml. They also sell 250 ml and 750 ml bottles. It's meant to provide flavors for cocktails.
2. Sift the ■ ingredients and mix together. Once mixed, add the ● ingredients in order from top to bottom and dissolve the powdered ingredients.
3. When it has blended together nicely, mix and then microwave on 500 W for 40-50 seconds. If you use 600 W, use a little less time and check it's state.
4. Remove from the microwave and beat. Microwave again for 20-30 seconds, mix and repeat. (It should equal 40-50 seconds, 20-30 seconds, 20-30 seconds.) If it's still not enough, microwave for 20 seconds one more time. If it's ready in less time than stated, that's okay, too.
5. Beat. When it becomes hard like strained bean paste, a translucent pink color will start to show. While it's hot, smoothly blend in the butter and mix thoroughly.
6. While warm, loosely wrap with saran wrap. From the top, hold it down and push it out so that it forms an even square. It will be about 100 g.
7. Fold the 200-250 g of bread dough around the strawberry sheet, making about 9 layers, and braid it or twist it like a rope. Bake it in a 170°C oven for 20-25 minutes and it's done. Caution: Take into account your own oven's temperament and adjust the heat accordingly.
8. Decorate with icing. Add a spoonful, about the size of a hard contact lens, of cinnamon syrup to the ■ powdered sugar. Add about 1/2 teaspoon of water. To be able to allow for adjustment, only add a drop at a time. If you can't fix the amount of water, it will be ruined.
9. Reference for shaping: This time I used a different pattern. Separate the finished strawberry sheet into 10 circles and insert each one between 2 sheets of wrap. Stretch out with a rolling pin so that they look like gyoza (dumpling) skins.
10. Evenly roll out the rested dough (if you used 200 g of flour, it will be about 80% of the larger size) and place a strawberry sheet from Step 9 into the center. Wrap it up.
11. Take the end of the wrap and shift and bend it basically in half. Softly sharpen the longer end and cleanly cut down the center. Open the cut ends. I didn't really cut it enough in this picture.
12. Open the cut ends so that the inside can be seen and it forms a heart. Bake for 15 minutes in a 170°C oven and it's done. However, when you bake it, it spreads wide open, the sheet gets thick, and I think it looks a lot more pretty and yummy when it was folded.

Story Behind this Recipe

This strawberry sheet, strawberry sugar, pink cake is no longer being sold online. When I thought about it, I couldn't easily find it anywhere. There was nothing to do but make it myself. So, after close inspection by my husband, I finally made it. I couldn't evenly balance out the color, the flavor, and the stretching, so there was a lot of experimenting!!