Hakata-style Motsu Offal Hot Pot (Lightly-Flavored Soy Sauce Version)

Hakata-style Motsu Offal Hot Pot (Lightly-Flavored Soy Sauce Version)

You'll be able to eat a lot of vegetables in this hot pot. Instead of using a drop lid, you cover the surface with gyoza dumpling skins. It's really good.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Beef Offal
400 g
1/4 head
Chinese chives
1/2 bunch
Burdock root
2 cloves
Red chili pepper
Dashi stock granules (or concentrated mentsuyu noodle sauce)
3 tablespoons
1 1/2 cups
Gyoza dumpling skins
5 - 6
Champon noodles
1 pack


1. Put the thinly sliced garlic, red chili pepper (seeds removed), dashi stock and water in an earthenware pot and start heating it.
2. Add the julienned burdock root.
3. Parboil the offal briefly separately in plain water.
4. Drain the offal and add it to the pot. Keep the heat at medium.
5. Remove the core from the cabbage and add 3/4 to the pot.
6. Cover everything with the gyoza dumpling skins - they will perform the role of an otoshibuta (drop lid). (If the gyoza skins start to dry out, spoon some of the broth over them occasionally).
7. Put the remaining cabbage and chives on top.
8. When the chives and cabbage are cooked enough, it's done.
9. Eat with ponzu sauce, yuzu pepper or any other seasonings you like.
10. Add champon noodles to the broth at the end of cooking to make "shime".
11. By the way, the richer version of this recipe looks like this.

Story Behind this Recipe

Some people don't like the other richer version of this recipe… this one also has less calories.