Steamed Okara Powder Bread with Cocoa

Steamed Okara Powder Bread with Cocoa

The dry ingredient used here is just okara powder. This is an easy recipe using just one bowl and takes just 5 minutes to cook in the microwave. I think this steamed bread is fluffier than the plain one (Recipe ID: 430580). You can also use dried okara powder. Go to step 8 for details.

Ingredients: One tupperware

■Okara powder
50 g
■Processed cocoa
20 g
■Baking soda
3-4 g
100 g
70 g
Origo sweetener (or your favorite sweetener)
20 g


1. Use a microwave-proof tupperware (I use a 670 ml one.) Line the bottom with parchment paper but it is not that necessary.
2. Place a bowl on a scale and measure each ingredient marked ■. Mix the dry ingredients with a whisk (the amount of baking soda is not exact).
3. Measure and add the rest of the ingredients and mix well with a whisk.
4. Pour the batter into the tupperware and give several taps to the tupperware to even the surface. Microwave uncovered for 5 minutes (500W).
5. In 5 minutes it will be done. Meanwhile you can finish washing up. The bread will puff up.
6. Tip the bread over onto a lid and peel off the parchment paper. Leave to cool. If you keep the bread inside the tupperware it will become soggy with its steam.
7. I normally divide the bread into 6 portions for meals. Okara is helpful for constipation.
8. I ran out of okara powdert so I tried with normal grainy okara. I changed the amount of milk to 100 g and I could get the same result. It is quite crumby, though. To even the surface give several good taps to the container at step 4.
9. Otakotapanda-san told me that after keeping it overnight in the fridge it tasted much better.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted make something as a main meal with okara and I resolved how to consume okara every day. Flour is not used here so you can use plenty of okara. Use a lot of liquid for this bread. I normally buy a 500-g tub of yoghurt. I use 100 g each with this recipe so I can use exactly one tub for weekday consumption.