3 Minute American-style Pie Crust

3 Minute American-style Pie Crust

This is so easy! The secret is to use a bit of vinegar. The flakiness is perfect.

Ingredients: one 20 cm diameter pie crust (if not topping with ingredients like a quiche, this makes 2 crusts)

Bread (strong) flour
2 cups (210 g)
2 teaspoons
135 g
★Cold water
1/4 cup
1 1/2 teaspoons
Cake flour (for dusting)
as needed


1. Sift the bread flour into a bowl. Add the ingredients and use your hand to mix it together well. (Mix until the margarine and flour are combined evenly).
2. Measure the water in a measuring cup and add the egg and vinegar to the cup. Mix together with a fork.
3. Gradually pour the mixture from Step 2 into the powdered ingredients from Step 1, using a fork to lightly stir it in. Pay attention to the consistency. Stop adding the egg mixture when the batter is still slightly powdery.
4. Once it becomes the consistency seen in the photo, use your hands to bring it all together. Dust with flour and place on a counter. Divide into 2 portions.(you can freeze this for 1 month.)
5. I made apple pie this time Roll the dough out and top with your choice of ingredients. Bake for 30 minutes at 200°C.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is an old recipe from an American cookbook that I had when I was a child. Once I became an adult and made this recipe again, I wondered why the heck I was making pie crusts that required layering and folding. So I threw that out and now I always use this recipe when making quiche or apple pie or anything.

Since you can make this so quickly, you can pop it in the oven before dinner and then there will be a wonderful scent after dinner and you'll be able to enjoy dessert right away.