Beware of Overeating! Chicken Stir Fry with Green Onions, Mayonnaise, and Ponzu Sauce

Beware of Overeating! Chicken Stir Fry with Green Onions, Mayonnaise, and Ponzu Sauce

An easy and delicious stir fry with mayonnaise and ponzu sauce. It really whets your appetite.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Chicken (thigh or breast meat)
2 pieces
☆Salt and pepper
To taste
1 tablespoon
☆Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
2 to 3 tablespoons
Mayonnaise (for stir frying) - see directions regarding using reduced-fat mayonnaise
2 tablespoons
Mayonnaise (to season)
1 tablespoon
Green onion (chopped)
To taste (a generous amount)
2 tablespoons


1. Cut the chicken into easy to eat pieces. The chicken in the photo is diced, but I recommend cutting it into thin diagonal slices, which cooks faster. Rub the ☆ seasonings, and let rest for 10 minutes or more (using a plastic bag would be handy). Coat the chicken with katakuriko.
2. Add the mayonnaise for stir frying in a pan and turn on the heat. When the mayonnaise starts to melt, add the chicken.
3. Brown the chicken over medium-high heat. Don't stir or move around the pieces too much. When the surface has browned, turn the heat down a little, cover with a lid and cook the chicken through.
4. Reduced fat mayonnaise doesn't melt and forms lumps, so don't use it.
5. If using reduced fat mayonnaise and it clumps up, just keep stir-frying constantly and then add the chicken. Enough oil will come out of the mayonnaise and it will taste great.
6. If a lot of fat comes out (of the mayonnaise or chicken), just wipe it with paper towels to prevent the meat from getting soggy.
7. Add more mayonnaise (to season) and ponzu sauce as well as the chopped green onion, and mix everything together briskly.
8. If you brown the chicken properly to start with, the mayonnaise and ponzu sauce added at the end will cling to the pieces nicely, and they'll be very tasty.
9. Tip: melt the mayonnaise for stir frying completely before adding the chicken.
10. Tip no. 2: the mayonnaise added at the end for flavor doesn't need to be heated. Just mix it lightly in and turn off the heat.
11. Another tip: try adding 2 finely minced garlic cloves to the melted mayonnaise. Saute slowly over low heat to bring out the fragrance, then add the chicken.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I went on a mayonnaise factory, I learned that when making a "mayonnaise stir fry", it's better to use mayonnaise twice - for stir frying as oil, and to finish to add flavor. I also learned that you should add mayonnaise to the pan before heating it. I thought up this recipe because I wanted to try it out. Mayonnaise didn't add enough flavor for me, so I added ponzu sauce.