Persimmon Skin Natural Yeast

Persimmon Skin Natural Yeast

After eating seasonal persimmon, make natural yeast from the skin.
Although it may seem difficult, it's surprisingly easy.

Ingredients: 200 to 300 ml

Persimmon skin
1 persimmon worth
200 to 300 ml
1 tablespoon


1. Put the ingredients in a sterilized jar. Close the lid and shake.
2. During the warm seasons, keep at room temperature, but during the cold seasons, store in a warm place. I store mine in a cooler with a container of warm water.
3. Once or twice a day, shake the jar and open for about 5 seconds. It may become contaminated if opened for too long.
4. After a day, it should look like this. It actually looks as though all you did was jar the persimmon peel that was soaking in dish water.
5. Day 2: Does the water look a little yellowish to you?
6. Day 3: Before opening the lid, put your ear close to the jar--could it actually be fizzing.
7. Day 4: When you open the lid, it should make a fizzing sound!
8. Day 5: The yeast should stop fizzing vigorously. Now, it's time to make bread or sponge dough (bread starter)!

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this recipe since I felt that using the whole fruit to make yeast was a waste. I'd heard about making yeast from the core of an apple or pear, and about making yeast from a whole persimmon, so that's why I tried making it with the persimmon peel.