Easy Inarizushi

Easy Inarizushi

No need for sushi rice!
In Hakata city of Fukuoka prefecture, people generally use square abura-age (refer to step 1).

Ingredients: Makes 10

5 (small squared sizes)
Dashi stock
1 cup
1 China spoon
1 China spoon
1 China spoon
Soy sauce
1 China spoon
Takuan - Yellow pickled daikon
As needed
Sesame seeds
1 China spoon


1. Pour boiling water over the abura-age and drain the excess oil.
2. Combine dashi stock, sake, honey, mirin, and soy sauce. Simmer the abura-age in the mixed condiments for 20 minutes. Put a small lid right on top of the simmering ingredients (drop lid or otoshibuta). When it's cooked, remove from the pan, turn it upside-down and set aside to cool.
3. Julienne the takuan and combine with sesame seeds.
4. Mix the rice with the takuan and sesame from step 3, and form into desired shapes.
5. Done.
6. I imagine udon or soba noodles would be served with inari sushi, but thinking about a balanced meal, I made Dago-jiru soup (southern Japan specialty) with lots of veggies instead.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually make it with hijiki seaweed rice, but this time, I used leftover takuan.