Pork & Soy Milk Miso Soup

Pork & Soy Milk Miso Soup

I used salted pork which I made in advance. This itself seasons the soup.


Pork Belly (or Bacon)
50-100 g
Boiled chick peas
1 cup
Zucchini (small)
Potatoes (small)
about 2
Soy milk
1.5 cups
White miso
1 teaspoon
a small amount
2 cups (400 ml)
Grounded Pepper
to taste


1. (What to prepare the day before) Rub the pork belly with 1 teaspoon of salt (not listed), cover tightly with plastic wrap and leave in refrigerator. This will stay good for about 5 days if kept in the refrigerator. (Some people say it lasts longer but this is my estimated time.)
2. Dice the pork belly, zucchini, and onions into 1.5 cm bite-sized cubes.
3. Add the ingredients from Step 2, chick peas and water into a pot. Cook on medium heat. When it comes to boil, bring to very low heat and simmer. You can simmer it for as little as 30 minutes, but preferably for 1 to 2 hours.
4. It should be good to go when it starts to thicken a little. Add soy milk and white miso just before you serve the soup. Sprinkle over some pepper before eating.
5. Melt in some curry roux blocks into the leftover soup to change it up.

Story Behind this Recipe

Both my husband and I come home late from work, so we often rely on easy but nutritious soups.