Oil-free Sweet Potato Soy Milk Cream Cake

Oil-free Sweet Potato Soy Milk Cream Cake

This cake contains a lot of sweet potatoes and soy milk, so it's good for you.

Ingredients: 20 x 20 cm

Sweet potato
150 g
70 g
Heavy cream
50 g
Soy milk (or milk)
50 g
○Cake flour
120 g
○Baking powder
3 g
Rasin, Walnuts, etc
For topping, to your taste


1. Dice the sweet potato and soak in water. Put a small amount of water and the sweet potato in a heat resistant bowl, microwave for 5 minutes. Drain and cool a little.
2. Beat the egg in a bowl, add the sugar in 2 - 3 batches and beat. Add the double cream and soy milk and beat further. Combine the ○ ingredients, sift into the bowl and mix until there are no flour streaks. Add the sweet potato from Step 1 and mix lightly.
3. Line a baking tray with parchment paper, and bake for 35 minutes at 170℃.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted an easy cake, that's also delicious and good for you.